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July 22, 2006

Your first . . .

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Before starting this blog, I already had in mind to introduce students into this world.

Here you can see that initial try. See what other IPC students recommend.


June 29, 2006

Our Presence on the web !!!

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Blogging is new for us, but we are on the way. Writing for our teacher to correct is a difficult task,but writing to the world is a compromise. Making sure the intended message gets through to a worldwide audience is a new experience for all of us. What would you recommend us for improving our writing?  What do you think of our individual blogs?

                          Ana   Damaris    Elisa   Fanzi    Gabriela    Gabriel   

                           Jenny    Omar   Reva   Ronnier    Victor    Yeremi

Hello world!

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   Here we are, waiting for interaction in this, our first blog. We are a group of teacher trainees at the IPC-UPEL, studying our 4th semester out of ten. We are taking a subject, Reading and Writing I, in which we develop academic writing. This blog is set up for practicing what we have learned.

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